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Dahab Paradise
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Dahab Paradise Hotel | Paradise Art

At Dahab Paradise, Art is the medium we use to reflect and celebrate the surrounding natural beauty and the rich heritage of Egyptian and Bedouin Culture.

Starting from the genuine art of hospitality to the finest details in all arrangements, it's the appreciation of beauty that makes us all happy.

Here we share with you some of the art concepts used in creating the Paradise experience:

  • The U shape symmetrical structure faces panoramic views of the Red Sea and reflects the shape of the mountain embracing Dahab Paradise, creating a unique boutique hotel truly in the heart of the Sinai Mountains.

  • Architectural and interior design provides the unique privilege of breathtaking Red Sea views from every single bed at Dahab Paradise.

  • Symmetry and natural element reflections you'll find prevalant throughout the landscape and interior design:

    • Earth colours, textures and feelings in all materials

    • Symbolic pool shape a mirror of the sun and the moon

    • Sinai Marble and Stone Work laid stone by stone; one of the rare traditional crafts in the region. Featured in the walkways, the pool showers, the bar and the nature pond

    • Symmetrical Palm Garden surrounding the pool and overlooked by all rooms

  • Rare antique 1920's telephone poles in restaurant and entrance design chosen in sympathy for the environment and respect for beauty.
  • Reclaimed antique woodcraft reconditioned by hand and recreated into unique pieces of furniture; making every room unique by its handcrafted art.

Our wish is that the Art of Paradise evokes inspiration in all who visit.

For a glimpse of the Paradise Art, visit our Gallery