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Dahab Paradise
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Dahab Paradise Hotel | Community

The Dahab community is the group of people who fell in love with the beauty and simplicity of this small sea-side village.

From the native Bedouin to Egyptians and foreigners alike, we all consider it one of the most beautiful places in the world. Primarily, for the welcoming and relaxed characteristics of the Bedouin people, and of course the best weather ever, all year around.  

At Dahab Paradise, we are proud of our successful cooperation in transforming the heart of the mountains into a real paradise experience. And now, we are celebrating the pride of our achievement and role in developing our community along with our project.

Unlike other projects, we developed and now run Dahab Paradise hand in hand with our Bedouin friends.

And the Bedouin are now in charge of sharing the hidden gems of their beautiful environment and ongoing cultural activities with all our guests, making Dahab Paradise a real gateway to the entire Dahab community.

We look very much forward to sharing it with you.